Project Description

Connecting With Your Community

Connecting With Your Community, Historic Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, NC

“It’s always a challenge as a 144 year old cemetery to find new and creative ways to let our community know that we are truly full of life, but with the help of we’ve taken a huge step forward as we come into the modern age.

Thanks to we’ve uploaded all of our records to a secure offsite location, which gives the cemetery staff and board peace of mind. We’ve redone our website with a beautiful design which is friendly and welcoming to families and potential clients and has launched to rave reviews. Throughout this entire process we have received excellent customer service and support from the team. Quick to respond to questions and requests for assistance, they were cheerful and educated, which helped our staff to transition painlessly to a new way of doing business.

The smart phone app for staff has helped us in many ways. First, it allows staff to help families and visitors on-site find their loved ones. Second, when a family member calls our director on weekends looking for their loved ones interred here the staff can assist them remotely which gives families great comfort. Finally, the smart phone admin app for staff has assisted the cemetery staff in verification of open lots to help us sell out in the field. No longer do we have to bring multiple (and sometimes very frail) maps out on the grounds, we can use our smart phone app to verify available spaces. This streamlines and modernizes our sales technique and helps us make the process easier and more efficient for families.

Our new website, in addition, brings an entirely new element to the offerings for families. Within hours of launching our new site, families were quickly adding photos to the memorial pages for their deceased loved ones. Slide shows, videos, and even a quote from a babysitter were also quickly added. Here at Oakwood Cemetery we tell families that we are here to support them for generations after the burial of their loved ones. Our new website with the personal memorial pages now ensures that no one is forgotten here at Oakwood and gives a new way for families to remember their friends and relatives.

In addition, as the memory keepers in many ways of over 22,000 citizens from our community, we now can serve as the repository for photos and memories that we always hoped to be able to be. Recently, before the launch of our new website, we requested photos of those interred here from families. But without the capability or plan to put them anywhere, the small numbers we did receive were just kept in files. Now we find that families, historical societies and friends can participate and add to our online archives so generations to come can learn from the cemetery. We are now truly the outdoor classroom we dreamed we could be.

We also look forward to the release of our public smart phone application so tourists can go on self guided tours on our grounds and families can benefit from having their loved ones memories in their hands.

We are a cemetery full of life… but that now means so much more with the partnership with, in ways we never would have imagined. We feel that these new applications will give a definite edge to our competitiveness and help increase our presence in our community.”

Robin Simonton, Executive Director, Historic Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, N.C.