Project Description

Protecting the Past and the Future

Protecting the Past and the Future, Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill, PA

Arlington Cemetery is one of the leading cemeteries in the Philadelphia area. The cemetery is comprised of 130 acres, with around 100,000 burial records across the cemetery.

Prior to working with, Arlington maintained a paper system of cards, books and paper maps. A separate electronic database was also maintained, having significant gaps of records and missing or incorrect data.

To create a central database of inventory, owners and burials, imported the electronic data, cross referenced this data against the paper maps to create all of the inventory within the cemetery, and then cross referenced the paper documents to validate the data and fill in missing records.

The age and complexity of the records required interpreting the documents, and worked closely with the cemetery to create analysis rules and monitor the quality of work throughout the project.

At the completion of this project, Arlington stopped using the paper records, and their entire organization is working off of central database that was created by Arlington is using the Management System, Enterprise Sales App, and online Map Search tools to leverage the data across the organization.

Arlington has reported a massive increase in efficiency by staff having real-time access to the records from anywhere. Their sales team is able to quickly identify and display available property from anywhere, and their visitors are able to identify loved ones and navigate to the space with their mobile devices. The cemetery’s new electronic records are securely backed up offsite and locally, and the original paper records have been securely stored.

In the words of Gary Buss, President of Arlington Cemetery, “We have been using for six years and feel that the program gets better and better each year. They work with us to understand our needs and challenges and then provide a technology solution that works.

Our favorite feature is the ability to access all the information on our lot cards from our desks. It’s much faster and more convenient than the old method. Customers don’t have to be put on hold while we walk over to the file cabinet, wait for someone to finish, find their lot card, and return to our desk. Converting our files was simple and cost less than I had expected.

I would recommend that any cemetery considering a solid record-management program call for a proposal.”