Captivate your window shoppers with inventory maps.

You finally have options. You can map your cemetery from the field using the Enterprise Sales App, or we can map it for you using your paper maps. Already have electronic mapping from your records platform? We can import your GPS coordinates to our mapping plugins.

Publish your cemetery map on your website so that visitors can search your burials, view virtual tours of your grounds, and even see your inventory options! You can also use your maps to present property options during family meetings, and to navigate your grounds with GPS.

Our Satellite Inventory Mapping displays your lot and grave locations on a satellite image in a format that is easy for families to understand. When you’ve identified what the family wants to see from the overhead satellite perspective, you can link in a photo of the space, or even drop into a ground level view to see what the property actually looks like.

Why pay more? Use today’s technology to save big on your mapping.